Based on assessment of economic activities and development interventions conditions in Northern Lebanon, North LEDA should follow a series of operations in the form of units, in order to reach its objectives; these units are as follows:

Strategic Planning Unit:
.Elaboration of Strategic Plans for the area;
.Technical support of the Municipalities and Unions in the implementation of territorial and municipal plans;
.Monitoring of regional development; 
.Guidance of the members to strategic development initiatives;

Projects Development Unit:
.Economic development projects execution, management and coordination;
.Mapping of local, regional and International opportunities;
.Project proposals development assistance;
.Assistance in locating financial resources for projects.

Territorial Marketing Unit:
.Internal and external marketing strategies;
.Support of municipalities, unions, associations, and consortiums in marketing;
.Promotion and support of trademark policies;
.Provision of database and information on market trends.

Business and Technical Support Unit:
.Assessment of market opportunities;
.Technical assistance;
.Guidance to accessing credit facilitations;
.Facilitation of research and innovation;
.Promotion of value chains and supporting their development.

Human resource development Unit:
.Arrangement of entrepreneurial  training;
.Improvement of the members’ capacities.