Thematic area :  Quick Impact Project - Economic Development
Date : April 2013 to December 2013
Cost: USD 84,866

The” Baladi Egg Production” project a QIP (Quick Impact Project) - for Lebanese Hosting Communities affected by the Syrian Crisis -  that consists in its 1st phase to deliver 4,000 layers for 146 direct beneficary and more that 450 indirect, by purchasing live chickens and feed for small farmers and to deliver the appropriate training along with the distribution of 15 Tons (300 bags of 50kg each) of Feed to be distributed accordingly to the beneficiaries.

The covered 10 villages in Akkar included:

. Aydamoun + Cheikhlar
. Kfarnoun
. Menjez
. Rmeh
. Qobayat
. Hmayra
. Machta Hasan
. Dbebyeh
. Chadra
. Ouyanat

Project Objectives
- Increase income for Lebanese communities affected by the Syrian conflict
- Ensure work opportunity for women in rural area
- Reducing the impact of Syrian crisis on Lebanese communities

Project Activities
- First assessment done by municipalities and mayors for the potential beneficiaries from different villages
- Purchasing of 4000 layers ( 4 x 1000 ) and distributing to the beneficiaries
- Distribution of feedstock
- Training for all the beneficiary members
- Monitoring and assessment of the accomplishment of the implementation process

Project Outcome 
- Adoption of different agricultural practices (Baladi egg production)
- Enhancing the role of women in agriculture practices
- Capacity building for youth and women on productive skills
-  Household’ income increased by producing baladi eggs