Thematic area :  Agriculture
Date : March 2012
Cost: USD 69,195

Enhancing the fishing sector in Abdeh Harbor

Direct Beneficiaries
.More than 1100 families working in the field of fishing in the North.
.More than 250 vessel owners in Akkar.​

Indirect Beneficaries
.Fishermen Cooperative Association in Abdeh Harbor - Akkar
.Fishermen Community in Akkar area

.Improving governance structure and the management of the Fishing Cooperative through capacity building in order to better serve its members and provide additional needed services 
.Enhancing the financial sustainability  of the cooperative through  activating/reviving income generation options at the harbor
.Improving the quality of catch and the harbor hygiene
.Developing  the capacity of fishermen in new fishing techniques 
.Enhancing the skills of young professionals working on Building and Maintenance of fishing boats