Thematic area :  Agriculture
Date : May 2012
Cost: USD 36,820

Development of Rain-fed Agriculture in Mid-Dreyb Region in Akkar

Direct Beneficiaries
.30 farmers from Kherbet Char sector of Middle Dreib region in Akkar
.7,385 residents of this area benefited indirectly from this project

Indirect Beneficiaries
.Rural Development  Cooperative in Kherbet Char 
.Agri- community in Akkar area

.Enhancing the rain-fed agriculture in Mid Dreib region through providing the technical guidance to the farmers;
.Introducing new varieties of agricultural crops well-matched to the climate of the region;
.Combating desertification of land resulting from being uncultivated and uncared for; 
.Improving the farmer’s income in Mid Dreib region.