Thematic area :  Agriculture
Date : August, 2014
Cost: USD USD 80,000

Direct Lebanese Beneficiaries:    943 breeders
Indirect Lebanese Beneficiaries:    4,700 Residents in Wadi Khaled area

Project Objectives
- To assess the cattle milk sector in Wadi Khaled;
- To improve the milk quantity and quality in Wadi Khaled;
- To train a selection of key breeders with the objective of creating a milk collection cooperative.

Overall Objective
- To improve the income of Wadi Khaled cow breeders.

Specific Objective(s) (SO)
- SO1: Identify the weaknesses of the cattle milk sector;
- SO2: Improve breeder’s know-how and techniques; 
- SO3: Enable and empower breeders to proceed in improving the cattle milk value chain on their own