Thematic area :  Agriculture
Date : June 2012 to June 2014
Cost: USD 10,000

Empowering the new established Cooperatives of Sahel and Dreib in Akkar, North Lebanon - by providing technical support.

Direct Beneficaries
. The “Cooperative Association for Olive sector Development in Dreib Akkar”
. The “Cooperative Association for Vegetable sector Development in Sahel Akkar”

Indirect beneficiaries
. More than 1000 farmers benefiting from the Dreib and Sahel Cooperatives

Expected Results:
• Cooperatives linked to a the others northern private and public stakeholders
• Cooperatives members able to monitor their activities identify their problems and get the related support
• Cooperatives have the basic knowledge able to manage their projects by themselves
• Increased access of the Cooperatives to new partners