UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon, Mrs. Sigrid Kaag visit the North LEDA


Within the framework of the local economic development, and the impact of the Syrian Crisis on the host communities, the United Nations decided to make new interventions in the most affected areas to support them in surviving the crisis. 

North LEDA, being a very active economic agency implementing several United Nations Development Programmes (UNDP) projects, it was selected for a visit by a delegation from the UN, chaired by Mrs. Sigrid Kaag, Special Coordinator at the UN Lebanon, in the presence of the North LEDA’s Management Board and representatives from UNDP North and Beirut, in February 3, 2015, to discuss the situation in Northern Lebanon and study its capacity in order to create new interventions within the increasing influx of Syrian refugees and what follows as tension, strain in services, increase in unemployment rates and more.

The North LEDA was presented briefly by introducing its profile and listing its past and ongoing projects.
This presentation was followed by a quick discussion where each member of the Management Board took the chance to discuss several points with Mrs. Kaag, regarding the situation in North Lebanon in the shadow of the Syrian crisis.

During the discussion, Mrs. Kaag emphasized on two main points: to rely on peace and harmony while working with host communities in order to avoid any kind of tension or conflicts.

The visit was short, yet, it was a pleasure to host Mrs. Kaag and the whole delegation at our office and in the North, as well as a great opportunity to discuss North Lebanon’s affairs.