ILO 2nd LED Dialogue Facilitated by the North LEDA


The International Labor Organization (ILO) has contracted the North LEDA, to organize a second Dialogue under the title of “Local Economic Development Dialogue to validate the findings of the Value Chain Analysis of the potatoes and leafy greens sectors in Akkar” which is part of the project “Enabling job resilience and protecting decent work conditions in rural communities in Northern Lebanon”. 

The LED Dialogue took place in the Municipality of Halba, where major stakeholders from the Chamber of Commerce, Ministries, Municipalities, Unions of Municipalities`, NGOs, CSOs, Cooperatives…etc, were gathered to discuss the results of the research that covered the Potatoes and Leafy Greens value chains in Akkar and emphasized on the obstacles that prevent the development of these value chains in the area. 

The ILO started the dialogue with a remark that highlighted the role of the government and its policies to encourage and motive the farmers to improve their skills and performance and the ability of the local organizations and other actors involved in the economic development to improve work in the agricultural sector and create jobs. 

For this matter, the purpose of this LED Dialogue was to present the findings of the research that was done over these value chains and analyze the major needs of the beneficiaries in this area.

Following this, two questionnaires were distributed among the participants in order to get their opinion and remarks regarding these constraints and help them formulate in later stages a strategic work plan between these main actors that will empower and enhance the development in this area through a set of consecutive workshops to give them the chance to make new interventions in this regard, all within the local economic development frame.