North LEDA hosting a visit from UNDP Brussels and delegation from European Cities.


On the 3rd of June 2014, representatives from different European Cities, engaged in Decentralized Cooperation and representatives from UNDP Brussels and Beirut, visited the North LEDA Management Board and Technical Team.


The attendees were representatives from European Cities, including Torino, Milan, Barcelona, Bilbao, Basque and Marseille, engaged the Decentralized Cooperation, representing Spanish and Italian municipalities and cooperation organization.

The purpose of this meeting was first to introduce the participants to North Lebanon and second to the North LEDA in order to formulate the needs assessment of this area and set the priorities accordingly.

Beyond the introduction, the dialogue was productive where the participants shared knowledge about the resources and the expertise each of them possess and would invest in future projects. They gave brief explanation about their backgrounds and chain of work, as a source of territorial network ready to share their experience.

In the end of the meeting the attendees agreed on keeping contact for further engagements in the future.