Merging Sahel Akkar farmers into Modern Marketing Techniques.


On the 29th of January 2014, North LEDA along with World Vision Lebanon, have organized an event titled “Introducing Sahel Akkar Farmers to Modern Marketing Techniques”, in Edbel –Akkar,North Lebanon, for the purpose to gather farmers from the region with agricultural and managerial experts.


The event was organized in the intention to introduce Sahel Akkar farmers to modern Marketing techniques in order to better dispose their products of milk and vegetables, especially with the current situation that is affecting the region.

The attendees included small, medium and large farmers, Presidents and Members of Cooperatives, Head of Municipalities and Mayors.

This event took place at Greenland restaurant in Edbel, and started by Ms. Corine Sakr’s introduction, Ms. Sakr [World Vision Lebanon - Akkar Area Manager] welcomed the attendees by presenting the World Vision efforts to support the farmers with all kind of needed assistance, especially in this crisis period in Akkar Caza and the region.

Her speech was followed by Mr. Alain Chatry’s [Director of the North Lebanon Local Economic Development Agency] who gave a brief presentation about the basics of Marketing and the components of a successful marketing strategy. He presented the details of a marketing mix in a simplified methodology to enlighten the farmers on ways to develop successful marketing plans to dispose their productions.

Mr. Chatry’s presentation was followed by Mr. Fadi Chehade’s, [Health Animal Center Est. (HAC) Owner and General Manager as well as a milk value chain expert], demonstration where he elucidated briefly the milk value chain, starting from the cow breeding in facts. First, he presented the factors that help to improve the quality of cow milk focusing on feeding methodologies and formulas, keeping them in a healthy and clean environment. Additionally, he spoke about the precise and correct ways of milking and transferring the milk produced to the manufacturing companies. Then he presented possible ways on how to market the product and deliver it to the end consumer.

On his turn, Mr. Hussein Awada [Agricultural Cooperatives Expert] presented the essential role of cooperatives in the agricultural sector. He started his presentation by defining generally the cooperative as well as its principles. Additionally, he emphasized on the weakness that the cooperatives suffers from that mainly rely in the absence of legislations. Finally, Mr. Awada demonstrated his success story and how cooperatives could be a thoughtful solution mainly for marketing activities as well as territorial marketing development.

In the end, Dr. Khaled Al-Omary [Manager of the “Quality Control Center” in the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Tripoli and North Lebanon] presented a the lab and the center including all possible services that the farmers could benefit from. He followed by an explanation, presenting the current and lacking conditions of the Agr- food processing and finding alternative distribution channels, including sem- processed and processed food that could be sold nationally and internationally.

After have given their presentations, the panelists gave answers to all attendees’ questions, and provided reference for any future requests or questions, creating a positive interactive atmosphere.

In the end, all attendees and panelists joined for lunch.