Organizing the first “Access to Finance Fair” in Sahel Akkar area.


On the 17th of September, 2013, North LEDA along with the World Vision Lebanon, have organized an event titled as “Access to Finance Fair” in Sahel Akkar in North Lebanon gathering the farmers of the region with Banks and Financial Institutions and Intermediaries’ representatives.


This fair was organized in the intention to gather farmers from Sahel Akkar with Banks and Financial Institutions’ representatives to help them discover better opportunities to finance their operations and build their capacities on loans and credits in the area. The attendees of this event were small, medium and large farmers, financial institutions’ representatives and financial institutions’ intermediaries.

As being hosted by Tal Abbas Gharbi Municipality, Mr. Walid Metry, President,  started the event with a short speech welcoming the attendees to the fair, his speech was followed by Ms. Corine Sakr’s speech, Area Manager from the World Vision Lebanon, introducing the World Vision Lebanon to the attendees. On his turn, Mr. Alain Chatry, North LEDA Director, gave a quick overview about the Agency and presented the event objectives.

After welcoming and introducing the participants to the fair, the representatives took their places each on a desk referring to the institution they represent giving the farmers the chance to stop by and have direct communication with them to better understand the benefits from getting a loan, the types of loans available at each and the procedures required in order to apply for one.