International Labor Organization (ILO) visits the North LEDA.


On the 28th of August, 2013, representatives from ILO Geneva and Beirut, along with the UNDP North Lebanon Area Manager visited the North LEDA and their Management Board headed by Mr. Marcel Chabtini.


The meeting was concentrating on the effects followed by the Syrian refugees’ influx and their consequences on the Lebanese Hosting Communities, on different aspects that falls within the Economical background, including:
    - The rise of illegal competition in the local market resulting tensions;
    - The low labor cost, creating high competition over vacancies;
    - The need for technical and financial support in the rural area of North Lebanon (mainly     in Akkar) for development and for creating competitive advantages for Lebanese Communities.

Visitors included from ILO Geneva and within the “Programme on Crisis Response and Reconstruction (ILO/CRISIS)”; Mr. Alfredo Lazarte-Hoyle – Director along with Mr. Frederico Negro – Programme Specialist, sideways with Mr. Jean-Francois Klein, Chief and Mrs. Joumana Karame – Snr. Assistant from ILO Lebanon accompanied with Dr. Abdallah Muhieddine – UNDP Area Manager, hosted by the North LEDA Technical Team.

At the end of the meeting, all the stakeholders agreed that actions should be made for creating better conditions for local communities and their development.