Participation in the workshop seminar presented by the International Expert of ILS LEDA, Mr. Giancarlo Canzanelli.


North LEDA technical team attended a workshop seminar in the presence of the International Expert Mr. Giancarlo Canzanelli as well as the technical teams of the other three LEDAs in Lebanon and the UNDP ART GOLD representatives.


Within the framework of UNDP ART GOLD Lebanon Program, a workshop seminar was achieved on Tuesday the 15th of July 2013, in the presence of Mr. Giancarlo Canzanelli, International Expert of ILS LEDA, where the technical teams of the four LEDAs in Lebanon were gathered, North LEDA, ALEDA (Beirut Southern Suburbs), Bekaa Valley LEDA and South Lebanon LEDA, in addition to the UNDP ART GOLD representatives.

The workshop was mainly concentrated on how to develop and ensure the sustainability of the work of these four LEDAs.
The specific objectives of the seminar included:
- To improve the knowledge of the staff on the LEDA concept for territorial development.
- To develop the action plan for the year 2013-2014 with the staff of the LEDAs. 

Additionally, and during the event, the North LEDA had the opportunity to share their current and future activities with their partners and with its sister LEDAs for upcoming potential coordination and collaboration.

The event took place at the Coral Beach Hotel & Resort in Beirut, on the 15th, 17th and 18th of July, 2013.