North LEDA awarded a Project Grant from Development Alternatives, Inc.


North LEDA signs a Grant Agreement with DAI (Development Alternatives, Inc.) to implement a QIP “Quick Impact Project” for Lebanese Hosting Communities in Akkar who are affected by the Syrian Crisis.


On Wednesday the 17th of April 2013, Mr. Marcel Chabtini, North LEDA President along with Mr. Alain Chatry, Technical Director, revised and signed a Grant Agreement presented by Mrs. Jane Gleason, Chief of Party and Mrs. Maha Ghazale, Procurement and Grants Specialist on behalf of Development Alternatives, Inc. in support of LIVCD (Lebanon Industry Value Chain Development).

The project that falls under the QIP activities (Quick Impact Project) aims to provide 4,000 chicken layers for between 80 and 120 families in Akkar with their appropriate feed.

The activities include purchasing live chickens and feed for small farmers who, either already have some infrastructure and equipment, or families who can maintain chickens in their existing yards, in order to increase egg production and income.

Following several assessments and studies and in consultation with the stakeholders involved in initiatives related to community based QIP to prevent duplication, ten (10) villages located near the Lebanese-Syrian borders in Akkar were selected, namely Machta Hassan, Chadra, Menjez, Rmah, Kfarnoun, Debbeiye, Ouyanat, Qobayat, Aydamoun & Cheikhlar, and Hmayra.

North LEDA main role include Monitoring & Evaluation for 9 Months of activities including confirmation of the layers and feeds purchased and a confirmation of distribution to the targeted beneficiaries in the 1st phase and in the 2nd phase will monitor the problems of adaptation, egg production along with income generated from Baladi Egg production and sales.