Participation in Agorada 2012+


In October 2012, North LEDA Technical Director, Mr. Alain Chatry was invited by the UNDP to participate in the Conference “Agorada 2012+: Adoption of a Regional Strategy: the day after” in Samsun, Turkey.


Level of participation:   Speaker

Event Details:    The European Association of Development Agencies (EURADA), in cooperation with the Middle Black Sea Development Agency (OKA), has forwarded their interest in organizing a panel to present the experience of the ART Initiative (Articulation of Territorial Networks for Sustainable Human Development) as a tool to promote local economic development.

The panel provided an opportunity to critically review the results achieved by applying the territorial approach to local economic development, including specific instruments such as Local Economic and Regional Development Agencies. In addition to showcase valuable country experiences on LED the panel will focus on South- South Cooperation and triangulation as a means to further and stimulate economic opportunities and knowledge exchange between territories.

The participation was strategic and provided the participants with first-hand experience on the good case of Lebanon and the North LEDA and will served as a basis for the exchange of experiences on LED with EURADA members (Regional Development Agencies).