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Thematic Area: Hasroun. Date: May 2017 till February 2018. Cost: USD 26,000. Contracting Authority: Municipality of Hasroun. Contract Type: Technical Support. This contract is part of the preparatory process being carried out by the municipality of Hasroun in the Bcharreh district in preparation for the expected European Union grant to support the local authorities while […]

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Hadath el Jobbeh

Thematic Area: Hadath el Jobbeh. Date: May 2017 till February 2018. Cost: USD 22,000. Contracting Authority: Municipality of Hadath el Jobbeh. Contract Type: Technical Support. This contract, carried out by the Municipality of Hadath el Jobbeh in the Bcharreh district, is for the preparation of the expected project with the European Union: supporting the local […]

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UNDP: “Halba Public Market”

Thematic Area: Halba- Akkar. Date: May 2016 till September 2016 Cost: USD 12,000. Donor:  DFID-UNDP Direct Beneficiaries: Economic establishments and organisation in Akkar In the framework of responding to the impact of the Syrian crisis and Syrian influx, affecting several aspects of the local community in Lebanon. And based on the MRR leaded by MoSA […]

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Danish Refugee Council (DRC): “Improved protective environment for refugee population in Lebanon”

Thematic Area: Tripoli. Date: June 2016 till October 2016. Cost: USD 123,000. Donor:  Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration. Direct Beneficiaries: The purpose of the project “Improved protective environment for refugee populations in Lebanon” was to promote self-reliance among vulnerable refugees in North Lebanon (Tripoli), through Vocational Training (VT) and job internships and placement.

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ICD Swiss: “ Produce and sell the quality: Support to the local agro-food products in Hadath el Jobbeh”

Thematic Area: Hadath el Jobbeh. Date: December 2016 till January 2018. Cost: USD 40,000. Donor: Embassy of Switzerland International Cooperation Division.  Direct Beneficiaries: Lebanese farmers, while creating job opportunities for Syrian refugees. Overall Goal  This project aims at improving the quality of life of small farmers from Hadath el Jobbeh and Syrian families living in […]

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COSV/EU/ Search for common ground: “resilient communities: Supporting Livelihoods, Education and social stability for Syrian refugee and host populations”

Thematic Area: Akkar Date: June 2017 till December 2017 Cost: USD 40,000 Donor:  EU- Madad fund Direct Beneficiaries: individual entrepreneurs, existing SMEs, Cooperatives, NGOs, and Municipalities. This project aims at strengthening the prospects of youth in refugee and host communities for social and economic inclusion in Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey. The three countries have been affected […]

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Livelihood Working Group – UNHCR & UNDP:

The workshop brought together members of international NGOs and local communities to study the effect of the Syrian crisis on livelihoods in the Tripoli area and surrounding areas (Menieh, Dannieh, Zgharta, Bcharreh, Koura, Batroun or what is known as Tripoli + 5). The primary purpose of this workshop is to examine the impact of the […]

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“Access to Finance” Fair for Sahel Akkar Farmers:

This event was organized in the year 2013, in partnership with World Vision Lebanon, in order to gather the region’s farmers with banks and some financial institutions that are interested in providing financial loans to finance competent agricultural projects.

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