North Lebanon Local Economic Development Agency

Hadath el Jobbeh

Thematic Area: Hadath el Jobbeh.

Date: May 2017 till February 2018.

Cost: USD 22,000.

Contracting Authority: Municipality of Hadath el Jobbeh.

Contract Type: Technical Support.

This contract, carried out by the Municipality of Hadath el Jobbeh in the Bcharreh district, is for the preparation of the expected project with the European Union: supporting the local authorities and enhancing their role as a key player in the local development.

The aim is to write a development plan addressing two topics:

  • Responsible tourism (ecotourism, agro-tourism, cultural and heritage tourism);
  • The Economic empowerment of women and young people with the aim of providing them with opportunities encouraging them to stay in their homeland, reducing migration.

Today, and after the European Union’s upcoming project, which aims at supporting municipalities, the municipality of Hadath el Jobbeh decided to strengthen its position by preparing its documents, files, and plans, to impose itself as a partner of the European Union.

Within this context, the Economic Development Agency has been approached to provide technical assistance in upgrading and updating the local development plan, preparing the executive files its most needed projects, and developing the grant application according to EU documents.

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