North Lebanon Local Economic Development Agency

ICD Swiss: “ Produce and sell the quality: Support to the local agro-food products in Hadath el Jobbeh”

Thematic Area: Hadath el Jobbeh.

Date: December 2016 till January 2018.

Cost: USD 40,000.

Donor: Embassy of Switzerland International Cooperation Division.

 Direct Beneficiaries: Lebanese farmers, while creating job opportunities for Syrian refugees.

Overall Goal 

This project aims at improving the quality of life of small farmers from Hadath el Jobbeh and Syrian families living in the area by increasing the income of the farmers and giving job opportunities to the Syrian refugees with the farmers.

Outcomes (objectives) of the project

This project will:

  • Help the farmers in protecting their agricultural seasons and ensure proper management and marketing of their direct production or provide alternatives in agro food processing.
  • Attract investments from the private sector aligned with the fair trade principles where farmers and manpower become the key investors.
  • Empower farmers and agricultural manpower and allow them to fairly respond to their families need.
  • Contribute in the development of the Agriculture sector as main pillar of the local economic cycle: maintain good production quality and reach new markets.

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