North Lebanon Local Economic Development Agency

UNDP: “Halba Public Market”

Thematic Area: Halba- Akkar.

Date: May 2016 till September 2016

Cost: USD 12,000.


Direct Beneficiaries: Economic establishments and organisation in Akkar

In the framework of responding to the impact of the Syrian crisis and Syrian influx, affecting several aspects of the local community in Lebanon. And based on the MRR leaded by MoSA supported by UNDP, the targeted municipalities elaborate their actions plans including, taking into consideration the risks and problem threatening each sector on the long Term, to launch later the projects identification process addressing the sectors with quick and medium impact solutions that are part of the designed strategy.

Recently Halba become the center of the governorate, holding the entire official, administrative and security department, beside its administrative and geographic importance, linking all the districts of Akkar, Halba is the center of the economic activities traditionally, all the bazars, agricultural trade, contracting companies, food, clothes, and construction material markets are located in the village. In the Last few years after the Syrian crisis and the deterioration of the security situation in Tripoli, the trade activities have developed significantly in Halba to replace the gap caused by the inaccessible markets in Tripoli during the three years of clashes between Jabal Mohsen and Tabbaneh at the Northern entrance of the city.

Aware of this strategic role of Halba, and its importance in refreshing and developing the economic cycle in the town and its neighboring reaching all Akkar villages, at the first place, and in order to establish a platform for the trade activities that depended for a long time on the Syrian market cheap and easily accessible, as well as on Tripoli representing a local market for the agricultural products where brokers and big entrepreneurs control the market and the prices; the municipality donate a piece of Land in the center of the city to establish a local market infrastructure and to participate later in supervising, controlling and planning for the regular and seasonal Agendas of the facility.

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