Our Vision & Mission

Our Objectives

Founders & Board Members


To contribute in securing better life conditions to North Lebanon communities enjoying sustainable economic development in a competitive environment.


Facilitate a sustainable long term harmonic and balanced development of the Northern Region of Lebanon, with carefully planned strategies that address activating the public-private sectors partnerships, valorizing human, social, economic and environmental resources and finally improving the population living conditions, providing job opportunities and pursuing social equity and environmental protection.


. Non Political affiliation;
. Non-discrimination between religion, areas, sects and sex;
. Respect of human rights and rejection of violence;
. Open-mindedness and acceptance of others;
. Transparency in dealing within the team and within the administrative body;
. Positivity and professionalism within the work environment.

Achieve Sustainable Competitiveness

.Assessing the endogenous competitive potential.
.Sharing the priorities and strategic plans through local partnerships.
.Building up value chains for valorizing the strategic resources, therefore improving their .performance.
.Including the most disadvantaged people in the value chains for production and services.
.Establishing a sustainable and overall system for supporting TED.
.Achieving regional marketing strategies and business relationships.
.Creating and promoting the territorial innovation system.


Improve Capacities of Local Figures

.Strengthening the capabilities of local stakeholders in planning and implementing developmental and economical projects;
.Supporting and creating networks between the private sector, public sector and civil society to coordinate and cooperate in the planning and implementation of economical projects.
.Enabling the environment for business development.


Improve Human Resource Capabilities

.Building the capacities of social groups of different ages in both technical and economical fields;
.Exchanging of know-how and expertise between economic figures, locally and internationally.
.Social inclusion.


Support Economic Activities

.Supporting businesses with potential for growth thus creating new job opportunities.
.Supporting the creation and strengthening of territorial Value Chains.
.Creating an enabling environment for the production of continuous innovations, therefore facilitating their introduction and dissemination in the economic fields.
.Facilitating access to financial funding and resources, mainly for marginalized people and entrepreneurs.


Promote the Region

.Promoting the image of the region while preserving its local identity and culture;
.Developing studies and analyses of local economic and investment opportunities;
.Emphasizing the added value competitiveness of the region;
.Facilitating export of regional products;
.Facilitating international, institutional relationships and agreements with domestic and foreign administrations and regional development agencies;
.Attracting external resources and donations for the implementation of development plans.

North LEDA founders are:
.Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Tripoli and North Lebanon (CCIAT)
.Federation of Jurd Al Kayteh Municipalities in Akkar
.Federation of Dannieh Municipalities
.Federation of Minnieh Municipalities
.Beekeepers Cooperative in Beit Al Faks, Dannieh
.Livestock Husbandry Cooperative in Akkar
.Federation of Beekeepers Cooperatives in Akkar
.Federation of Agricultural cooperatives in Akkar
.Empowering, Consulting and Development Agency for Responsible citizens – (ECDAR) NGO
.Social Movement NGO.

The Agency is structured as follows:

General Assembly that currently consists of its founding members and is in the process of accepting new members from Municipalities, Associations, Cooperatives, Artisans and NGOs.

Management Board
President CCIAT
Vice President Union of Dannieh Municipalities
General Secretary Livestock Husbandry Cooperative in Akkar
Treasurer   Union of Jurd Al Kayteh (Akkar) Municipalities
Accountant Beekeepers Development Cooperative in Dannieh
Counselor  ECDAR NGO
Counselor Social Movement NGO

Technical Office: The LEDA operates through a Technical office, located within the CCIAT building in Tripoli and consists of a Technical Director, Business Development Experts and an Administrative & Finance Assistant.